Body's creams



Tube mL 75

Hand Cream with Allantoine, Vitamin F and Mallow.

The prepared has a protective and restictutive action, for the association of glycerine and very concentrated direct hydrating factors and the efficacy of the syliconic oils with an indirect protective-preventive action – allantoine and Vitamin F are efficacious for micro wounds and chaps.

Jare mL 100 - 250

Feet Cream with Sage, Horse Chestnut and Mint

Feet dermohygienic treatment must have particular characteristic, stated the coetaneous substrate peculiarity on which it has to act. Feet skin in fact suffers a very particular series of stresses, the first of all is the almost absolute seclusion in damp ambient. Some zone moreover is subjected to repeating rubbings that can produce abrasions. The treatment is characterized by different actions: skin reinstatement, sanitizing and hygienic on the surface, re-equilibrating the circulation of the surface. Thanks the horse chestnut it contends the swellings.

Tube mL 150

Legs and Ankles gel. mint, eucalyptus, cypress and nyaouly

The p repared induces an intensive but not prolonged cool sensation, which is the starting point of a series of peripheral reflex mechanisms which aims at improving swelling states, mostly for legs, feet and ankles ensuing an insufficient liquid’s replacement. Such status’s solution is fundamental in serum hypodermosic cellulitis treatment. Ruscus and Hamamelis Glycolic extracts have a protective-reparative capillary vessel’s action. Hop has a sanitizing and elasticising action. Horse-chestnut has a draining action.

Jare mL 250

Hardening cream with sea oak and asiatic centella

The sea oak extract has a deep stimulating action that favours liquid’s replacement. The Asiatic centella has an epidermis and dermis tonic action to improve the tissues' elasticity. In such way the prepared has a deep hardening and revitalizing smoothing action developed by Panax Ginseng extracts. The hydrating effect is superior to other body cream, without prejudice the fluency characteristics, indispensable for a correct massage.

Jare mL 250

Massage cream with sage and ruscus aculeatus

It contains vegetal extracts with a tonic, stimulating, dermopurifiyng, hardening action: Officinal Sage and defatigating and lymph draining vegetables against muscular heaviness and swelling: Ruscus Aculeatus. The cream favours both the relaxing massage after strain and the stimulating massage before competition or generally the restoring one.

Jare mL 250

Reducing cream with seaweed

With the massage action it evinces a stimulating effect on the zone, and consents to the fat cells to carry on efficiently the normal metabolic functions. So a fat's larger mobility is realized with consequent better possibility of catabolic elimination and tissue replacement (reducing effect and renewal of the superficial fat's deposit). The iodated seaweed extracts are emollient and delicately stimulate the fat’s elimination, which are drained by lymphatic way with the help of the Horse Chestnut Aesculus extracts.

Vaso mL 250

Crema Riducente con Azione Revulsiva.  

La vasodilatazione superficiale è un corretto approccio di base per molte anomalie sottocutanee. Il pannicolo adiposo sottocutaneo è infatti spesso sede di insufficienti scambi circolatori col resto dell’organismo. Questi scarsi scambi causano ristagni linfatici (gonfiori) i quali creano volume adiposo. L’attività vasostimolatrice è svolta usando un agente revulsivo idrosolubile e di azione non troppo prolungata: l’estere metilico della Vitamina PP. Sotto il suo effetto la cute subisce una temporanea stimolazione (evidenziata dal rossore) che aiuta lo smaltimento di cataboliti lipidici e dei ristagni linfatici.

Jare mL 250

Cellulitis cream with horse chesnut hedera elix and birch

Vegetal extracts favour lymphatic drainage. Aesculus horse chestnut has a protective direct and normalizing action on the cellulitis zone, Hedera Elix meanwhile has a lenitive action on the inflamed nodules, birch extracts, after all, favours the elimination of cellulitis dermohypodermosi's liquids.

Tube mL 150


To support the described treatments there are the intensive ones (distinguishable by the lett."B", following the article number), contained in mL 150 tubes, because sector’s professional men often found accentuated inaestheticisms or particular physical conditions which advice a less prolonged and lighter massage, The formula scheme therefore foresees a basic cream with a quick absorption and contemporary a highest concentration in active principles. The frequent use of this kind of prepared (possibly daily) can completely solve the anomalies in a higher percentage of the treated subjects and can reduce the problems of almost 60% in the remaining cases without allergic manifestations. Other positive and very remarkable outcome has been reached with the addition, by the user, of small quantity of intensive serums.

Jare mL 250

Anti-vibices and cutaneus relaxation cream

The prepared contains revitalizing and stimulating extracts like Panax Ginseng, Humulus Lupulus and others, which favour epidermis reconstructive processes' resolution like Asiatic Centella and Echinacea Angustifoglia with a levigating and epithelizing action.

Bottle mL 250

Revitalizing Milk with white grape.

Studied for a restitutive treatment for face is very practical and precious for the body after bath owing to his fluidity. It must be used after sun for erythema and damage of the weather, sand and saltness for the presence in the formula of Allantoine and Vitamins. Very suitable also after UV lamp give strength to muscular tissues and prevents skin unaestheticism.

Bottle mL 500

Natural honey milk for the body

The emollient and hydrating action of the dermal oils emulsion is completed by the benefit of natural honey. It gives back strength to the tissues and softness to the skin, it prevents inaestheticisms and wrinkles. Ideal after bath and after sun, true or artificial. It contains glycols and vegetal oils, natural fat-alcohols, natural honey and dermophilic vitamins.

Bottle mL 500

Camphoric vegetable oil for massage

The traditional use of camphor in pharmaceutical field for its systemic actions is lessening in favour of lotions and skin oils. Camphoric oil can be used for local frictions in case of muscular aches and in pre-agonistic massage.

Bottle mL 500

Vitaminic vegetal oil for massage with vitamin F

 With linolenic and linoleic fat acid high tenor (Vitamin F). Vegetal natural saturated oils and fat acids branched derivatives mixture. It has an elevated film power, it is fluent and perfumed with hypoallergenic essential oils. Use when, for massage, is preferable this kind of prepared instead of creams and when talc’s use is not tolerated, very frequent phenomenon.